About Us

Ten Productions is a music production company founded by Toni Ten and Xasqui Ten in 1988. Since then, we have produced a lot of records for top national and international artists, we have worked in the most important TV talent shows, have composed music for several TV programs, have directed musical theater and have made some film scorings. We have 3 independent recording studios and this give us a great dynamism and independence.

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Our recording rooms

  • 35 sq.m mixing and mastering room. Equipped with a vintage 1979 Solid State Logic 4040E console, Pro Tools 11 HDX, Logic Pro X and multiple analog outboard.


  • 17 sq.m. recording and mixing room, equipped with a Sony DMX-R100 Digital Console, Pro Tools 11 HD and Logic Pro X. It has a 10 sq.m. recording booth.

  • 12 sq.m. recording studio, equipped with Pro Tools 11 and Logic Pro X. It has a 10 sq.m. recording booth, and an acoustic piano Yamaha U1A.